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Home Automation

What is home automation?

A home automation system will control lighting, entertainment, climate, security systems and everyday appliances. It should be discrete and work seamlessly to provide security and enjoyment. Sensors can monitor changes in temperature, daylight and motion and then react accordingly.

Your Smart Home

Set The Scene

At the touch of a button, different lighting scenes can be recalled and immediatley change the mood of the room. Perhaps its a reading mode where the lights are set for optimal reading conditions or a movie mode where the lights are dimmed. Your home can even have a mind of its own, where it selects the best lighting scene dependent on time of day and who is in the house. Occupancy simulation can be setup to give you peace of mind when you are away from home.

With an intelligent lighting system the possibilities are endless.


Keep Your House Safe Wherever You Are

Enjoy peace of mind when you are away from home. A home automation system matched with a CCTV and an alarm system will give 24/7 365 protection. With round the clock remote access and automated alerts direct to your mobile phone you can be sure your home is safe.

The system can also be integrated with smoke, fire and carbon monoxide sensors.