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Security & CCTV For Your Home

An intelligent security system for your home provides peace of mind. Integrating CCTV with biometric access control and smart lighting means you know always know who is in your property.


A CCTV system with remote access means you can keep on eye on your property from anywhere in the world via the internet. Motion detection, facial and vehicle recognition can all be setup to notify you or a monitoring station.

Access Control

An access control system will allow you to you see who is at your door or gates via a video link before remotely opening the gates or door. Keypads or biometrics can be incorporated which only allow certain people access at certain times, for instance a cleaner on certain mornings.

Occupancy Simulation

When you leave your home, put your house in "Away" mode and your home automation system will replay your behaviour from the previous few days, turning lights, music and even televisions on and off to simultate someone being at home. This activity can also be randomised if required.